Fullness of Heart – Clarity of Mind – Vitality of Body

Sherry Sidoti

Sherry’s vision is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for the teachings of yoga to find us in our everyday lives, to support a stronger and inclusive community, to honor and heal ourselves and our beautiful natural world around us, and mostly to be curious about and enjoy this journey called life! Sherry is a true sharer and a mirror into fearlessness, moving people to move- out of their comfort zones and into the fire for healing. She does so with the heart of a warrior, and the touch of the mother. She has a strong desire to “go there”, and lovingly urges others to go with her. She believes greatly in the ancient teachings of yoga and how they seamlessly apply to modern living, our relationships and everyday life; and that the science of yoga in its’ fullness is a sacred path for healing, harmony and balance.  She helps us realize this by exercising the yoga teachings within our physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual bodies in every practice. With form, she says, comes freedom. She has been sharing yoga for 14 years and honors all of her teachers. Sherry offers 200 + 500 hour Teacher Training Programs on Martha’s Vineyard as well as guest teaching for her teacher Saul David Raye’s training programs. visit: www.sherrysidoti.com 

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