Fullness of Heart – Clarity of Mind – Vitality of Body


We invite you to begin where you are and grow into the classes most suited to your personal needs. We have something for “Every Body “- from beginners to advanced. Come grow with us. Explore and cultivate the power within you, never ending and ever expanding.

Align & Refine

Monday 5:30-6:45pm & Saturday 10:30-Noon
Teacher: Primo Lombardi
Primo is known for his clear and precise alignment instruction. When your body is in alignment it opens. Good alignment is therapeutic to your body. This class is geared towards students early in their practice or students looking to review the basics.

Anusara Mixed Levels

Tuesday & Thursday 5:30p.m.-7:00pm
Teacher: Jane Norton
An energetic and uplifting class with a full spectrum of poses, yoga philosophy, and fun!

Flowing Basic Yoga

Tuesday 10:30am-Noon
Teacher: Arlene Stark Prisco
Heard the recent buzz about yoga but don’t know where to start? Arlene’s Iyengar-Inspired Beginner’s Class can open the door for you! In this class, students will work at a slower, yet deliberate pace while learning the basic foundations of yoga poses (asana). The fundamental poses will be emphasized and each class will steadily build your practice. We will be moving from standing poses and forward bends to balance poses and gentle backbends, ultimately preparing for inversions. Our emphasis will be to infuse every pose with the breath while using props (such as blocks and straps) to facilitate alignment. Arlene has a patient and lighthearted teaching style and welcomes newcomers as well as beginners. More experienced practitioners are also welcome to attend, approaching poses with a beginner’s mind in a way that will deepen their practice.

Kripalu All Levels

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30a.m. - 10:00a.m.
Teacher: Martha Abbott
Martha’s classes offer a well-balanced flow of breath work, warm-ups, postures, relaxation and meditation. Her intention is to create an opportunity for students to slow down, turn their attention inward to their bodies and breath, and become responsive to what they find.

Mixed Levels

Friday 8:30-9:45am
Teacher: Primo Lombardi
Primo's mixed levels class focus will be on Awareness-Breath-and Movement and how each of these will compliment the other so the body moves as a whole on and off the mat.

The Practice (Mixed Levels)

Sunday 8:30a.m.-10:30a.m.
Teacher: Primo Lombardi
The most challenging and fun class anywhere. This alignment based 120 minute class will move your body, mind, and maybe your spirit. Inversions, back bends, and arm balances will be explored. For yoga teachers, experienced practitioners, and students with a minimum 6 months of practice.


Monday 8:30am-9:30am
Darcie Lee Hanaway
A slightly heated, wake your core, get you grounded into your day moderate flow. All levels welcome.